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No matter how often and intensely you exercise, your muscles have a hard time taking shape. Work around this genetic fatality and help your body to be sculpted with an [EMSculpt]( and Body filler session.

When you want an athletic figure, a balanced diet and regular sport are the basics. However, we aren’t all genetically equal in the face of muscle gain and sexy shapes. Despite all the squats, push-ups and sit-ups, muscle mass takes forever to build and shape.

It is now possible to sculpt and lift your body effortlessly thanks to two techniques:

  • EMSculpt ® (or CristalLift ®). Indispensable for shaping and lifting the figure, the latest in advanced technology.
  • Body filler: rounds buttocks and pectorals with injections of hyaluronic acids specifically intended for the body. You will be able to sculpt your body in an incomparable level of detail.
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The technique

EMSculpt ® (or CristalLift ®) the medical technique to shape your body

Acts on two levels:

  • Stimulation and development of your muscles
  • Reduction of the localized fat mass around the muscles

This technique consists in creating intense muscle contractions, referred to as supramaximal, using high intensity electromagnetic waves (HIFEM).

These contractions are impossible to achieve with conventional physical training. 20,000 muscle contractions are triggered in one session, equivalent to 20,000 squats.

In response to this very strong contraction, the internal structure of the muscle is deeply reorganized. Considerable muscle is gained.

Another positive consequence: these unprecedented muscular demands cause a very high expenditure of energy and therefore a melting of the fats, which will be eliminated gradually over the weeks.

Whether you are are into sport or not, the power of EMSculpt® or CristalLift® is modular and therefore adapts to everyone.

In just 4 sessions, all your muscles (abdominals, buttocks, calves, biceps, thighs) will be better outlined, more visible and more shapely.

Body filler

Genetics are such that certain areas will never achieve the shape of your dreams despite rigorous exercises.

Let go of the weights and catch your breath: hyaluronic acid and body coutouring can now allow you to gain volume where there is none. The very popular Brasilian butt lift is now possible.

A few years ago, Macrolane® was used to sculpt the figure. Today, other, better performing hyaluronic acids are available. The result is more natural, especially to the touch. Hyaluronic acid is fully integrated by tissues, allowing a stunning result.

This hyaluronic acid is very reticulated, cross-linked, especially adapted for the body. Thus, the buttocks are curved, lifted. The pectoral muscles are outlined, the calves pulled up like a cyclist’s.

Hyaluronic acid is injected using flexible micro-cannulas to allow all areas to be reached and curved.

Hyaluronic acid is a biocompatible gel naturally present in the skin. Moisturizing and completely absorbable, it is also used as a natural cosmetic treatment to fill deep and superficial wrinkles. hyaluronic acid can also be used to sculpt a chin, plump the forehead or hands, moisturize the lips or redefine the bridge of a nose.

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The session

Each session begins with a careful diagnostic examination by the doctor who will analyze the characteristics of your skin and your figure. The treatment is then decided upon, the fruit of an exchange between the doctor and the patient. Once consent has been given, the session can begin.

You can consult the page dedicated to EMSculpt for the precise sequence of a session.


For the body filler sessions, once the diagnosis has been made, the doctor proceeds to an antiseptic cleaning of the skin, as well as a local anaesthesia to ensure the hyaluronic acid injection is absolutely painless. Injections are made using flexible micro-cannulas, slid under the skin, in precise targeted spots to precisely augment and outline the chosen zones.

Possible side effects can appear, such as bruising or a slight swelling, but they remain momentary – a few days maximum – and easily camouflaged with a little makeup.

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These two techniques, EMSculpt® Cristalfit® and Body Filler, can be combined for an ideal result. They can also be combined with the Body Slim program to put the odds on your side in acquiring your ideal body.

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The results of a Body Pulp session will last an average of 1 to 2 years.

The price of an EMSculpt® session is £450.

The price of 10mL of Body Filler starts to £800.


starting at £450

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