Instant nose lift

The nose, a symbol of our personality? Shape it. But gently, without any surgery.

The nose, that focal point in the middle of the face. Its shape gives depth to a personality, its curve outlines our profile. However, a bump can harden a face, a falling hook can make you look severe, a turned-up tip may come across as snooty. Isn’t the nose our most common complex?

While some people adapt to their atypical nose without sniffling (Rossy de Palma, Meryl Streep, Owen Wilson, to name a few), many decide to reshape this feature so it better matches their personality, or the way they perceive themselves. Nasal procedures (rhinoplasty) are unsurprisingly among the most common, but this surgical solution may distort the character of the face. Furthermore, micro-noses, flattened by excessive surgical interventions, dissuade some from taking action.

Nose Lift: Sculpt without distorting

Fortunately, a new solution has revolutionized the world of aesthetics: Nose Lift. With a technique of swift, non-invasive injections, all noses can be adjusted, reshaped. That ever-so-annoying bump vanishes, the sharp edges of a ridge are smoothed, a drooping tip is raised.

It is thanks to the astute combination of specific Nose Lift hyaluronic acid, Botox and a local corticosteroid that this result can be achieved. As natural as it, it is spectacular, it is surprisingly simple.

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The technique

Specific Nose Lift hyaluronic acid injections

A specific Nose Lift hyaluronic acid is strategically injected along the nasal bridge, on to the tip or the columella to subtly reshape and soften the profile.

The dose of hyaluronic acid is injected using fine needles or flexible micro-cannulas to offer great comfort and avoid leaving marks.

The specific lifting hyaluronic acid is a fluid biocompatible gel naturally present in the skin. Moisturizing and completely absorbable, it is used as a natural aesthetic treatment to fill deep and superficial wrinkles. You can also use hyaluronic acid to sculpt a chin, plump temples or hands, or moisturize lips.

Botox (Botulinum toxin) injections

Injected for over thirty years to treat neuromuscular dysfunctions in various medical fields (ophthalmology, neurology, functional rehabilitation, urology, etc.), Botox is a potent substance. This botulinum toxin relaxes muscles. With a few strategic spots of Botox in the columella and the nasal muscle, nose tips that that are too mobile are raised and nostrils refined.

Local corticosteroid

In some specific cases, the injection of a local corticosteroid will help refine a slightly bulbous nose tip, operating via a localized melting of fatty tissue.

The sugar threads

Tensor threads are injected into the nose to lift the tip and also build a Bridge.These threads are made of a material called PDO (polydioxanone) which also consists of absorbable surgical suture threads.

There are different types:

  • smooth single threads for tissue induction and collagen synthesis but in this situation will create a nice bridge that last longer and doesn’t move.
  • more elaborate threads of variable shapes (spirals, notches, cones, etc.), which will adhere to the skin and allow the volumes of the nose (also for the face or body ) o be repositioned.

This technique is effectively a medical nose job

A falling nose will be tightened, straightened, outlined.

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The session

Every session begins with a careful diagnostic examination of the characteristics of your nose and your profile by the doctor: bump, thickness, shape or appearance are assessed. Once the diagnosis is established, the treatment is decided, fruit of an exchange between doctor and patient. Once consent has been given, the medical assistant performs an antiseptic cleaning of the skin and the application of an anaesthetic cream to make the treatment comfortable. Local anesthesia can be performed according to the techniques used. The aim is to provide maximum comfort, always.


At the end of the treatment, the assistant systematically applies a refreshing and hydrating mask with hyaluronic acid to soothe the treated skin for 5 minutes. A restorative cream is applied by air-brushing. A light make-up, fixed by a protective mist, completes the session and allows the patient to continue the normal course of their day. No social eviction: the show must go on.

Some possible side effects such as bruising or slight swelling may appear but are fleeting (a few days maximum). Easily camouflaged with a few touches of makeup.

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The Nose Lift technique can be a first step before going into surgery. This way you can “try” your new nose temporarily before embarking on surgery with radically more commitment.

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The results last between 6 and 12 months depending on metabolisms and lifestyles.


starting at £600

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