Burning by freezing = a contradiction? [Cryolipolysis]( does allow fat to be efficiently consumed at temperatures between -3 ° C and -9 ° C. Put on your coat and we’ll walk you through this technology.

Losing weight is just a question of motivation.

Heard countless times, this claim is nonetheless false. Genetics are also part of the equation and some people can exhaust themselves in workouts until the cows come, but their love handles and other fatty deposits won’t budge, firmly clinging to their bodies. To overcome this inequality, an effortless technique has proven itself highly efficient: cryolipolysis. Ready to sculpt your figure in the cold?

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The technique

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive method that can reduce the volume of a localized fatty bulge by about 30%. In one session, the result is lasting. Thanks to an applicator adapted to the area of ​​the body treated, the area will be cooled for 1 hour to negative temperatures (between -3 ° C and -9 ° C). At these temperatures, adipocytes, fat cells, will be consumed and eliminated naturally by the body in the weeks following treatment.

There are many areas eligible for cryolipolysis. The most popular being the bulges located on the abdomen, the waist, love handles and side saddles. The treatment is also very effective on the neck, ankles, inner knees and thighs. To perfect the result, it is possible to treat the same fatty area several times.

Cryolipolysis is particularly indicated for reshaping the silhouette after weight gain linked to age, pregnancy or following the end of intense physical activity.

This treatment is therefore intended for women as well as men, of all ages.

The results are visible on average between 1 and 3 months after treatment.

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The session

Each cryolipolysis session lasts 1 hour.

The doctor has a discussion with the patient to determine the best treatment. Once consent is given, measurements and photos are taken.

The patient is then comfortably installed on a bed. The practitioner places the applicators on the area to be treated and then selects the treatment program. The patient feels a suction sensation on the fatty bulge. The sensation disappears after a few minutes. The patient can work, read or watch a series for the duration of the treatment.


At the end of the session, a 5-minute tonic massage is performed after removing the applicators. This massage is essential to guarantee a good effectiveness of the treatment.

The patient can get dressed and resume activities for the day.

Bruising may appear on the treated area but will dissipate after a few days.

To optimize the effect of cryolipolysis, it is recommended that for one month you.

  • stay well hydrated by drinking 2L per day
  • massage the treated area deeply
  • maintain a light diet
  • practice sport regularly
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Excessive development of the mammary glands in men (gynecomastia) can be treated with Cryolipolysis treatment.

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The Cryolipolysis treatment result is lasting, the destroyed fat cells are definitely destroyed.


60 minutes


starting at £500

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