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Running more kilometers = losing more kilograms? The equation doesn’t always deliver the expected result. Take a shortcut: experience the [EMSculpt ](https://www.drantonicalmon.com/fr/traitements/emsculpt)®.

You devour kilometers, without swallowing anything and yet the result remains mixed. You are still all-too padded, your figure struggling to take shape.

Stop running. Since 2019, the EMSculpt ® technique has revolutionized the cosmetic medicine market. Through super powerful electro stimulation, this machine builds biceps, sculpts abdominals and shapes behinds. And effortlessly, while lying down. Undoubtedly the easiest workout ever.

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The technique

EMSculpt ® (or CristalLift ®) acts on two levels:

  • Stimulation and development of your muscles
  • Reduction of localized fat mass around the muscles

This technique involves the triggering of intense muscle contractions, referred to as supramaximal, using high intensity electromagnetic waves (HIFEM).

These contractions are impossible to achieve by conventional physical training. 20,000 muscle contractions are caused in one session, equivalent to 20,000 squats.

In response to this very strong contraction, the internal structure of the muscle is deeply reorganized. It thus results in considerable muscle gain.

Another positive consequence: these unprecedented demands on your muscles cause a very high expenditure of energy and therefore a melting of the fats eliminated gradually over the weeks.

Whether you are sporty or not, the power of EMSculpt® or CristalLift® is modular and therefore adapts to everyone.

In just 4 sessions, all your muscles (abdominals, behind, calves, biceps, thighs) will be more outlined, more visible and more shapely.

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The session

Each EMSculpt® or CristalLift® session lasts 30 minutes.

The patient is comfortably installed on a bed, having removed jewellery and belts. A practitioner places the applicators on the area to be treated and then selects the intensity of the contractions according to the patient’s wishes and tolerance. The patient then feels a slight tingling and tightening effect, like during an intensive core strength gym session. The patient quickly gets used to this feeling. The intensity is gradually increased, possibly up to the maximum power which is well tolerated.


At the end of the session, the patient will have performed the equivalent of 20,000 squats effortlessly. They can get dressed and resume the course of their day. The session is safe and non-invasive.

The only side effect: body aches! EMSculpt® technology saves you the effort, but has yet to spare you the aches associated with an intense workout.

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Clinical studies have observed and proven a 16% increase in muscle and a 19% decrease in fat after 4 sessions of EMSculpt® or CristalLift®.

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For ideal effectiveness, the protocol EMSculpt® / Cristallift® recommends 4 sessions of 30 minutes over a period of 2 weeks. An annual maintenance is then recommended to maintain this new silhouette.


30 minutes


starting at £450

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