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For men, but also for some women, hair loss is difficult to live with. While due to a variety of causes, hair loss can be dealt with thanks to a single solution: PRP injections, blocking loss and stimulating regrowth. An innovative and natural technique.

Hair loss, loss of self-confidence

For many women, hair represents glamor and sensuality. Abundant and silky, it can be a sign of good health and a valued beauty asset.

As for men, they are often confronted with two major aesthetic concerns from their thirties: the loss of their precious hair (the dreaded “baldness”) and the gaining of some unsightly pounds, (so-called “love handles”).

Let’s tackle the first challenge: hair loss.

Whether for a man or a woman, the origins of hair loss can be multiple. This will be discussed during the consultation with the doctor, who will prescribe appropriate treatment. The good news is that there is a universal, unisex treatment: the PRP injection, which stimulates hair growth and regrowth, regardless of the cause of alopecia.

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The technique

PRP (Plasma Rich in Platelets) is a serum from the blood. It is obtained by a simple blood test and a centrifugation treatment that isolates the plasma.

Abundant in platelets (the coagulation cells), plasma contains a very large number of capillary growth factors. Once released into the scalp, it will stimulate the dormant follicles while stimulating the formation of new blood vessels to allow better irrigation of the scalp.

The nutrients thus brought to the root of each hair will provide strength and hydration. Likewise, these PRP injections into the scalp slow or stop shedding while promoting the regrowth of fallen follicles. PRP contains a small fraction of stem cells considered to have the property of transforming into a hair cell and thus re-densifying the patient’s hair.

Result: a regenerated scalp and stronger hair.

This via a completely natural intervention.

Plasma, a multiple aesthetic usage

PRP treatment is also used to treat the skin in general. It is an excellent booster that stimulates collagen and elastin, to rehydrate and regenerate your skin. Combined with other products, such as hyaluronic acid and collagen inducers, it becomes a truly profound treatment to restructure damaged and refined skin over time. Benefits that you can notably obtain in our Skin Restore and Skin Prevent skincare products.

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The session

A session lasts 30 minutes on average.

Come as you are, there is no special preparation to do beforehand. The patient is installed in the treatment room.

After a careful examination of the areas of the scalp to be injected, the doctor defines the number of tubes needed to treat the entire area of ​​the weakened or bald scalp.

A nurse takes a blood test. Then the tube or tubes of blood are centrifuged for 6 minutes to separate the plasma and platelets from the other components of the blood.


A cool spray is applied to the area so that the treatment is as comfortable as possible. The platelet-rich plasma is then injected directly into the scalp using a fine needle.

A vigorous massage is performed directly after the injection, for optimal distribution of the PRP over the entire scalp of the patient.

There are have been no immediate side effects reported.

There may be a feeling of slight tightness, as if the scalp were a little “tight” for just a few minutes. After treatment, the patient can resume the normal course of their day.

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Note that it is normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs per day. If you wish to count them and you find that you have lost 101, you can always call the office to make an appointment.

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For an optimal result, it is necessary to have 3 sessions, 3 months apart. To maintain a good, healthy head of hair, it is advisable to then have one session a year.


30 minutes


starting at £600

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