Lifting without cutting, this is the current challenge of cosmetic medicine. A new technique has already been tried and tested: [focused ultrasound](https://www.drantonicalmon.com/fr/traitements/hifu) that makes it possible to firm the skin while fully respecting the epidermis.

Ultrasound, a revolution

In recent years, Ulthera therapy or HIFU (focused ultrasound) has revolutionized the world of aesthetic medicine. To deeply lift the fatty layers and firm the skin in absolute respect for the integrity of the epidermis, focused ultrasound is infallible. The technique has evolved a lot since its launch, both in efficiency and comfort.

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The technique

In medicine, “open” ultrasound is used to obtain ultrasound images. But it is possible to “focus” them in depth on a specific point to obtain a heating effect, until coagulation. And this, without altering the surface skin. This technique is particularly used for applications in aesthetic dermatology.

The deep clotting points obtained will cause them to shrink and tighten the subcutaneous tissues in about 3 months.

Stimulated by this energy, a synthesis of collagen is generated in the skin, creating, within three weeks, a targeted lifting effect.

The Ultralift lifting treatment (Ultherapy Ulthera type focused ultrasound) concentrates the energy of ultrasound on depths varying between 1.5 mm, 3 mm and 4.5 mm to act at the same depth as that generally targeted during a surgical lift (4.5mm).

Focused ultrasound is commonly used for the face and any other area to be firmed, such as the neck or cleavage.

Deeper applications ranging from 8 to 13 mm beneath the skin make it possible to target fatty layers such as the belly, to remove the fat thickened skin (double chin, arms, buccal fat pads …).

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The session

The treatment lasts on average 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Each session begins with a careful diagnostic examination by the doctor of the characteristics of your skin and face: sagging, wrinkles and areas to be treated.

Once the diagnosis is established, the treatment is decided, the fruit of an exchange between the doctor and the patient.

With consent given, the medical assistant carries out an antiseptic cleansing of the skin and the application of an anaesthetic cream to make the treatment comfortable. Local anaesthesia can be performed according to the techniques used. The aim is to provide you with maximum comfort, always.


Once the skin is ready, an aqueous ultrasound gel is applied and treatment can begin.

At the end of the treatment, the assistant evenly applies a refreshing hydrating mask with hyaluronic acid for 5 minutes, to soothe the treated skin. A restorative cream is applied with an airbrush. A light make-up, fixed by a protective mist, completes the session and allows the patient to continue the normal course and their day. No hiding away. The show must go on.

Following the treatment, the feeling of firmness of the skin is immediate. Sometimes a little momentary redness can appear but is easily camouflaged.

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The treatment can take place on tanned skin or just before exposure to the sun. It can thus be carried out at any time of the year.

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The effects of this treatment can be long, lasting for several years. The ideal treatment protocol is 3 sessions, spaced 1 month apart. Then an annual interview.

The price varies depending on the area treated.


30-60 minutes


starting at £900

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