Skin flash

On the hands, neckline, face: as years go by, age spots can develop. The medical solution? A lamp, quite simply. But not just any lamp. Let there be light.

Spots, redness, spider veins: the annoying signs of age

Age spots often betray our age. They appear naturally over time or are the result of too much sun exposure.

In addition, they can also commonly be accompanied by ​​redness (rosacea) or superficial spider veins. The treatment is however the same for all and extremely simple: a Skin Flash session (IPL laser, pulsed light).

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The technique

A flash lamp is a powerful light (IPL laser, pulsed light) with a specific wavelength that will be absorbed by the targeted element: brown melanin for pigmentation spots and blood for vascular lesions.

The light will transfer the energy to the target which will be erased.

The skin is therefore purified from brown spots, spider veins and vascular irregularities.

Another advantage to this technique is the way it stimulates and awakens fibroblasts, the cells responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin. In addition to being a treatment that improves the overall appearance of your skin, it is also antiaging and treats the skin in depth and revitalizes it.

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The session

It takes an average of 30 minutes for a Skin Flash session. The result is fully appreciable after 10 days.

All Skin Flash sessions (IPL laser, pulsed light) begin with a careful diagnostic examination of the skin to be treated by the doctor.

Once the diagnosis has been established, the treatment has been defined and consent has been given, the doctor’s assistant carries out an antiseptic cleansing of the skin and the application of an anaesthetic cream to make the treatment perfectly painless. A conductive gel will also be applied.


At the end of the treatment, the assistant evenly applies a refreshing and hydrating mask with hyaluronic acid to soothe the treated skin. The patient will be able to resume the normal course of the day immediately because the Skin Flash treatment does not cause major undesirable side effects. No hiding away. The show must go on.

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It is important to protect your skin from the sun before and after the Flash Lamp treatment with an SPF50 sunscreen to avoid the return of stains and to be able to fully appreciate the result 10 days after the intervention. Sunscreen is generally your ally against the signs of aging.

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For a lasting result, this intervention will require annual maintenance. The price of a Skin Flash session depends on the surface to be treated.


30 minutes


from £400

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