Straight to the G point

The difficulty in finding the G-spot is an age-old story. What if that spot were to be virtually spotlighted, highlighted? Tangible, touchable, obvious. Simple to reach.

Straight to the (G) Point

It is indeed possible to slightly highlight this area of ​​the vaginal wall, making it easier to reach, whether for yourself or for your partners. Like reaching a pin point on a map, you will benefit from power steering to reach that delightful address. Even the shiest partner will be able to find their way.

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The technique

The technique is simple: by gently injecting a few drops of hyaluronic acid into the anatomical area of ​​the G-spot to make it a little more prominent and therefore more easily identifiable. Thus, during intimate relationships, the partner will more naturally happen upon it, providing appreciable satisfaction for both parties.

Hyaluronic acid is a biocompatible gel naturally present in the skin. Moisturizing, and completely absorbable, it is also used as a natural aesthetic treatment to fill deep and superficial wrinkles. And it is possible to use hyaluronic acid to sculpt the chin, plump the forehead or hands, moisturize the lips or redefine the bridge of a nose.

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The session

Swift, a Straight to the (G) Point treatment session lasts about 15 minutes. Each session begins with a careful diagnostic examination. Once the diagnosis has been established, the treatment defined, and consent given, the doctor inserts a speculum and carries out an antiseptic cleansing of the mucosa. Hyaluronic acid injections are performed with a painless micro-needle.

At the end of the treatment, the doctor applies a healing cream on the treated area to soothe the skin. The patient can immediately resume the normal course of her day because the injection of hyaluronic acid does not cause major undesirable side effects. No hiding away: the show must go on.

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The approach to such treatment may be the result of a couple’s discussion or a simple personal decision. Be the master, the mistress of your own desire!

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The result of Straight to the (G) Point treatment lasts more than 8 months.

The price of a session is £600.


15 minutes


starting at £600

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