Botox, a word as fascinating as it is frightening. Understandable, seeing as the product used at the dawn of cosmetic medicine (’90s) sometimes produced mixed results. But this mitigated reputation is no longer valid: practised with precision, Botox is today an unmatched solution.

Botox – no more intox. Renaissance of an effective and safe product

Used sparingly, Botox today allows natural, subtle results. There is no equivalent product to date. It now benefits from half a century of fine-tuning, used today as a medicine for purely curative and medical purposes.

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The technique

Many of us know the word “Botox”, but few understand how the product works. Once injected into a muscle, Botox is a substance that limits neurotransmission and softens muscle contraction. A few days after the injection, the treated muscles relax and behave more flexibly, gradually reducing expression lines, without freezing your features. Motionless faces are all very well on statues in a museum.

On the face, there are a multitude of detrimental muscles on which Botox can act effectively.

Here are two examples you may be familiar with:

  • the glabella muscles which give a severe or upset look (the famous lion’s wrinkle)
  • the platysmal cords which actively participate in the loosening of the oval and the neck (neck wrinkles)

Among the other most common interventions, we also find:

  • forehead treatment to gently erase horizontal wrinkles
  • the corner of the eyes to soften crow’s feet and give a more rested appearance
  • the corner of the falling mouth can be lifted and raised with a few well-targeted drops
  • eyebrow tips can be altered for more open eyes

The sooner the better. Early intervention is strongly advised because it can allow the action of these muscles to be softened before expression wrinkles are permanently imprinted on the skin.

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The session

Fast, a Botox treatment session lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. Each session begins with a careful diagnostic examination of wrinkles and areas to be treated by the doctor.

Once the diagnosis has been established, the treatment has been defined and consent has been given, the doctor’s assistant carries out an antiseptic cleansing of the skin and the application of an anaesthetic cream in order to make the area perfectly painless. Botox injections are performed using a micro-needle applied to a few specific points.

At the end of the treatment, the assistant evenly applies a refreshing hydrating mask with hyaluronic acid to soothe the treated skin. The patient can immediately resume the normal course of their day, the Botox injection doesn’t cause major undesirable side effects. No repercussions on your social life: nobody will guess that you’ve just come back from a session. Mum’s the word.

The misconception that you can’t t lie down for 2 hours after a Botox injection is false!

The only instructions to follow during 2 days are:

  • No pressure on the injected area to avoid the spread of Botox (no bathing cap, deep massages of the treated area…)
  • No heat. The latter deactivates Botox which becomes ineffective (sauna hamam, cardio sport, etc.).
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Acting on all muscle fibers, Botox can relax the masseter muscles responsible for Bruxism (teeth grinding), rebalance a face after facial paralysis (stroke), gracefully correct too much gum in a smile, reduce excessive sweating by resting sweat glands in the armpits, hands, or scalp.

Botox is the solution to many aesthetic concerns.

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The results of a Botox session last between 4 to 6 months. A biannual injection is generally sufficient. If the muscles are very strong or the patient’s metabolism particularly fast, 3 sessions per year are also possible. On average, for example, a Botox session costs £300 for the glabellar forehead and eyes.


15-30 minutes


Starting £300 for glabella and eye area

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Other treatments