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Let's break an intimate taboo: vaginal dryness is not an isolated case. Do not give up on your personal life, effective solutions exist. Discover [mesotherapy](

Liberate yourself and deal with these intimate concerns

A study shows that almost 50% of women aged 43 to 65 complain of vaginal dryness. it can be difficult to talk to your doctor about this intimate subject. However, the reason for this dryness is known in the medical world: menopause causes a drop in estradiol levels and decreases vaginal blood flow. As a result, 3 out of 4 women can experience difficulties in their sex life with significant pain during intercourse.

Hormone therapy solutions are effective but not always sufficient. Above all, they seem to be implicated in certain breast cancers. Mesotherapy is therefore one of the possible and safe techniques for plumping and redensifying the mucosa of the vaginal wall.

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The technique

Mesotherapy consists in the injection, using micro-needles, of a medical cocktail into the dermis: hyaluronic acid, vitamins (vitamins C and E), antioxidants, trace elements, amino acids.

This very hydrating and stimulating mixture will allow the mucous membrane to regenerate and regain its flexibility.

Patients describe a marked improvement in their comfort during intercourse after 4 sessions (spaced one month apart).

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The session

An Intimate Meso Silk treatment session lasts just 15 minutes on average.

Each session begins with a careful diagnostic examination.

The doctor places a flexible speculum to establish the diagnosis. Once the treatment has been defined and consent has been given, he proceeds to an antiseptic cleaning of the mucosa.

The treatment is painless and does not require anesthesia, in fact the wall of the vaginal mucosa is not innervated.

Meso Silk injections are done using a painless micro-needle at a few specific points.

At the end of the treatment, the doctor systematically places a healing cream to soothe the treated mucosa. The patient can immediately resume the normal course of her day because the Meso Silk does not cause major undesirable side effects. No social eviction.

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Mesotherapy can also be combined with multipolar radiofrequency treatments and a fractionated CO2 laser, which also help to firm up the vaginal mucosa.

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To be fully effective, the treatment must be repeated over 4 sessions.


15 minutes


starting at £400

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