Awakening and rejuvenating your skin with measured heat, is the principle of [Radiofrequency]( Used to resolve numerous issues, it is one of the most effective treatments in cosmetic medicine.

Radiofrequency: a wide scope of cosmetic action

Looking fatigued? Thinning and sagging skin are the main causes of a tired appearance. Amongst the multiple skin-tightening techniques, Radiofrequency is one of the most popular. The large choice in applicators and depths of action reaching the heart of the skin make it possible to treat a wide variety of cases. From micro-fine lines, to dark circles or acne scars: Radiofrequency is bound to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

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The technique

Radiofrequency is a gentle technique that heats the skin evenly and deeply, up to 43 ° C. This is the temperature where fibroblasts, actual collagen and elastin manufacturers, get to work and produce the ingredients that are the treasures of youth! In approximately 30 minutes, the skin is already smoothed, plumped up and the effects of other treatments are maximized.

There are different types of handpieces, tools, to spread the Radiofrequency through the skin: multipolar Radiofrequency and fractional Radiofrequency.

Multipolar Contact Radiofrequency

The handpiece is moved in a circular motion on the surface of the skin with the aid of a conductive gel. It is an ideal method for:

  • tightening sagging skin: Cheek Lift and Jaw Lift
  • reinforcing thin skin areas: Eye Contour Lift, Active Acne, Skin Restores and Skin Prevent
  • enjoying a radiance boost: Red Carpet

Multipolar Radiofrequency is a treatment that can be applied to all parts of the body with a view to improving the quality of the skin. Note that multipolar Radiofrequency is a very pleasant treatment with a feeling of gentle warmth. Hence the fact that patients often drift off to sleep during the session. That is comfort for you!

Fractional micro-frequency Radiofrequency

This penetrates the skin via micro-needles and makes it possible to reach the deeper layers (up to 3.5mm). Therefore, very good results are obtained on cases of sagging skin of the jowls but also of the neck, cleavage and hands.

Fractional Radiofrequency treatment is also effective on deep acne scars that smooth out after a few sessions. These results are more regular and safer than lasers. In fact, our fractional radiofrequency is non-ablative and can therefore be performed at the highest doses on all phototypes without the risk of hyperpigmentation, as can occur with lasers.

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The session

A multipolar radiofrequency session lasts on average between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Fractional Radiofrequency takes only a few minutes.

Each session begins with a careful diagnostic examination by the doctor of the characteristics of your skin and face: sagging, wrinkles and areas to be treated. Once the diagnosis has been established, the choice of radiofrequency is made, fruit of an exchange between the doctor and the patient.


Consent given, the medical assistant carries out an antiseptic cleaning of the skin and the application of an anaesthetic cream (for fractional radiofrequency only).

At the end of the treatment, the assistant evenly applies a refreshing hydrating mask with hyaluronic acid for 5 minutes, to soothe the treated skin. A restorative cream is applied with an airbrush. A light make-up, fixed by a protective mist, completes the session and allows the patient to continue the normal course of their day. No social hiding away. The show must go on.

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  • Multipolar radiofrequency is ideal for treating “urgent” cases. A break out of spots before an important event can, for example, be controlled, to the point of cauterizing the cepaceous glands.
  • The conductive gel used for Multipolar Radiofrequency is a last generation gel containing active cosmetic principles. The thermal action of the radio frequency allows this profound treatment to penetrate deep into the skin.
  • Stretch marks can be reduced by fractional radiofrequency.
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It is advisable to renew the sessions regularly for maintenance.


30-60 minutes


starting at £400

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