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Acne – bane of teenagers? If only. At the slightest hormonal change, men and women can also be subjected to severe eruptions of unsightly pimples on the face. And if, for adolescents and adults, there are effective medical treatments (Roacutane, antibiotics ...) today, these don’t always work and can prove to be unsuitable.

Fortunately, there are now alternative solutions for active acne

In our clinics in Paris and London, the combination of peeling, radio frequency and mesotherapy helps restore the delicate balance of the skin and control productive acne once and for all.

In our clinics in Paris and London, we work on restoring the delicate balance of the skin and controlling productive acne once and for all by combining three techniques:

  • peeling and deep skin cleaning;
  • Radio therapy;
  • mesotherapy.
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The technique

Radiofrequency, what you need to know

The use of Radiofrequency for acne proves a judicious choice to reduce the inflammation, or even cauterize the sebaceous glands responsible for an excess of sebum.

Radiofrequency is a high frequency electromagnetic wave applied to the skin with a handpiece. This electromagnetic wave generates heat capable of reaching the deepest dermis. This rise in temperature (up to 43 ° C) gradually induces tissue retraction. And because bacteria flourish in the cold but dread heat terribly, radiofrequency offers a powerful antiseptic effect.

There are different types of handpieces when it comes to radiofrequency diffusion.

  • The multipolar contact radio frequency is the gentlest. Using a conductive gel, the doctor makes a circular motion on the surface of the skin.
  • Fractional micro-needle radiofrequency penetrates the dermis using micro-needles and allows the deeper layers of the skin to be reached (up to 3.5mm). The result is more profound and above all more spectacular to the eye. This micro-needle treatment is extremely effective in smoothing deep acne scars in just a few sessions.

Light peeling

A light or superficial peeling is obtained through the application of a chemical solution that will act on the epidermis by purely and simply eliminating all impurities, and by renewing the surface cells of the skin. The pores are unclogged, tightened, purified so that skin regains its radiance. Depending on the condition of the skin, a manual and thorough cleaning of the skin can also be performed.

Mesolift (mesotherapy)

Mesolift is a rejuvenating cocktail containing free hyaluronic acid, vitamins (C, E …) and multiple amino acids. This cocktail is injected directly into the skin. In the case of acne-prone skin, the doctor combines it with purifying and sebum-stabilizing elements, such as zinc. Mesotherapy injections are carried out using an air pistol with a very fine needle. The dose is expertly calculated to meet the unique needs of each skin, prepared beforehand and distributed evenly. The depth of the jab is also defined by the doctor, for optimal results.

For optimal results, mesotherapy is recommended as a course. In our clinics in Paris and London, we generally recommend a session every 2 months approximately. Sessions may be spaced more frequently in the event of severe acne breakouts.

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The session

A session lasts approximately 1 hour.

It begins with a careful diagnostic examination of the skin and the areas to be treated by the doctor. Once the diagnosis has been established, the treatment has been defined and consent has been given, the doctor proceeds to the first stage of radiofrequency treatment, either by micro-needles after applying an anaesthetic cream, or by multipolar radiofrequency.


If the treatment is based on multipolar radiofrequency, in a second step, the doctor will apply the light peel to the skin previously cleaned of its impurities. Finally, a purifying mesotherapy, adapted to the specific type of skin, is performed.

The treatment based on micro-needling radiofrequency is self-sufficient.

At the end of the treatment, the assistant applies a refreshing hydrating mask with hyaluronic acid. This mask soothes the treated skin.

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Mesotherapy and Radiofrequency have other virtues. Both are also skin rejuvenation treatments. In addition to treating acne, the skin will be nourished and rejuvenated.

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The treatment takes 45 minutes. It is renewed according to the evolution of the skin over the following month. Several sessions are sometimes necessary to obtain the final desired result.


45 minutes


starting at £600

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