Bright eye contour

The eye area is delicate: it is the favorite location for the first signs of fatigue and aging. The skin becomes thinner, creased, hollows become deeper and darker. The risk? A dull gaze. The Eye Contour Lift allows you to escape this.

There is a solution to any problem: the Eye Contour Lift will refresh the gaze and lift the appearance of the skin in a natural, subtle way. The Eye Contour Lift is a synergy of care.

Made to measure by the doctor, it combines:

A range of instruments all targeting the same objective: to revive and invigorate your gaze.

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The technique

Specific hyaluronic acid injections around the eyes

We opt for a very fluid lifting hyaluronic acid which restructures, redraws and enhances the eye’s circumference. To strengthen the solution, a vitamin cocktail is added, promoting vascular drainage and improving the quality of the often-delicate skin.

Eye Contour specific hyaluronic acid is an ultra-fluid biocompatible gel naturally present in the skin. Moisturizing, and completely absorbable, it is used as a natural aesthetic treatment to fill deep and superficial wrinkles.

In our clinics in Paris and London, the subtle use of this specific hyaluronic acid as a dark circle filling product provides a very natural result. It corrects dark circles without ever inflating them. The appearance of the skin is both plumped and rested, while leaving the face its flexibility and mobility.

Injected using fine needles or flexible micro-cannulas, these Eye Contour specific hyaluronic acid injections offer great comfort and avoid leaving marks.

Hyaluronic acid can also be used to sculpt a chin, plump the forehead or hands, moisturize the lips or redefine the bridge of a nose.

Botox (Botulinum toxin) injections specific to the eye area

Used for over thirty years to treat neuromuscular dysfunctions in different medical fields (ophthalmology, neurology, functional rehabilitation, urology, etc.), Botox is an actual drug. This botulinum toxin is able to relax the muscles, becoming the essential treatment for expression lines in the upper face, especially around the eyes. Its action leads to a relaxation of the muscles responsible for crow’s feet wrinkles. The discreet relaxation of these muscles prevents wrinkles from appearing in the skin while maintaining a smile and a natural expression.

Focused ultrasound

To deeply lift and firm the skin around the eyes in absolute respect for the integrity of the epidermis, Hifu, Ulthera, Ultralift focused ultrasound is infallible.

The Ultralift lifting treatment (Ultherapy Ulthera type focused ultrasound) concentrates the energy of the ultrasound at 1.5 mm deep around the eyes. Stimulated by this energy, a synthesis of collagen is generated in the skin creating, within three weeks, a targeted lifting effect. Ultherapy Ulthera Ultralift focused ultrasound is commonly used for the face and any other area requiring firming up, such as the neck, décolleté, stomach, but also for degreasing thickened skin (double chin, arms, buccal fat pads, stomach, …).

Radio frequency

This gentle and pleasant technique consists in heating the skin evenly and thoroughly at a temperature of 43 °. It is at this high level of heat that the fibroblasts, collagen and elastin powerhouses, get to work and produce these ingredients, real treasures of youth. In a few minutes, the eye area is already smoothed, plumped, and maximizes the effects of other associated treatments.

Radio frequency is particularly indicated to bring a special burst of radiance before a special occasion. For cases where the skin is more damaged, a deeper technique of fractional radio frequency on needles can be proposed. This is effective in treating sagging skin, the body, but also active acne and its scars.

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The session

An Eye Contour Lift session requires between 30 minutes and 1 hour of intervention depending on the techniques and machines used.

Every session begins with a careful diagnostic examination by the doctor who analyzes the characteristics of your skin and your face: sagging, wrinkles and areas to be treated.

Once the diagnosis is established, the treatment is decided upon, the fruit of an exchange between the doctor and the patient. Once consent has been given, the medical assistant performs an antiseptic cleansing of the skin and the application of an anesthetic cream to make the treatment comfortable. Local anesthesia can be opted for according to the techniques used. The aim is to provide you with maximum comfort at all times.


At the end of the treatment, the assistant systematically puts on a refreshing and hydrating mask with hyaluronic acid to soothe the treated skin for 5 minutes. A repairing cream is applied by aerial touches. A light make-up, fixed by a protective mist, completes the session and allows the patient to continue the normal course of their day.

Possible side effects may appear, such as bruising or slight swelling. They are momentary (a few days maximum) and easily camouflaged with a little makeup.

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The optimal result of the Eye Contour Lift is obtained after a minimum of one week, the time required for action by Botox, Hyaluronic Acid, ultrasound and radio frequency to enhance and smooth the eye area.

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The results last between 6 and 12 months depending on metabolisms and lifestyles.


30-60 minutes


starting at £600

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